January 28, 2014


oh he's a fine fat rabbit now…

i like them as well as toads

lay your sign or symptom before me

i will tell you what it bodes

i have no fear of age or endings

i find i like being a hag

i keep the bones of trouble-makers

in my crane-skin rune bag

i gather herbs in the hedges

and watch the moon rise over the hill

i smile because you think you'll never need me

and i know that you will

some day when the iron in your blood

tastes of metal in your mouth

a time when your life is a flood

or a long soul-powdering drought

you will knock at my door one evening

you will seek my creaky art

i will see if you are worthy

i will test your burning heart

you may not like the taste of my magic

or what i have to tell

the shapes in my fire may frighten you

you may fear the final spell

but i can find the straighter path

i can show you what is true

i can heal the hurt you didn't know you had

i can bring you home to you.


currently we have snow on the ground, snow-covered trees rising out of fog, and a pearl-grey sky. yesterday was bright and glittering, and ...