April 16, 2018

skull light

baba yaga's home
is the place you go
when everything else
has fallen apart
tucked in twisty trees
fenced with stacks of bones
bones that speak to us
saying what we most
fear and need to hear.
women leave the wood
holding flaming skulls
the baba gave us
witch-light, hot and bright
saying, take it home
to find what was lost.
we have done our time
in the endless dark
performed in silence
impossible tasks
helped by mother love
we have found our strength
in the witch's house.
we have returned now
pockets full of change
carrying the light
of ancient fires
no longer silent
no longer afraid
father's house will burn
we will leave the ash
smoking behind us
and set our faces
toward something new.
we will build a house
warmed by ancestral
memory of joy
and fenced with justice
wolves and whales and all
the wild things will sing
our children will go
back to the forest
and leave roses there
for baba yaga
with our fiercest love.

Vasilisa - Rotten Fantom


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