April 15, 2018

rhymes with ump...

hey, i’m talking to you, yes, you, donald trump,
whose mission in life has just been to scrump,
you’re as useless to me as a dead camel’s hump,
with that arrogant face i so wish to thump,
with your brain like the shell of a long-rotten stump,
with that mad puff of hair like an orangutan’s rump,
with your virulent soul like a toxic waste dump,
with your over-priced wardrobe, you asinine frump,
with your hate-filled campaign with which you pump
a poisonous muck to our political sump,
your heart is as empty as your wallet is plump,
you’re such a mean spirited, miserable grump,
i bet you wouldn’t cry if you watched “forest gump”,
even your surgically-bolstered women must slump
when they see you each morning, you pustulant bump
on the face of the nation, you weed-ridden tump,
you vile and vindictive, perfidious chump,
you self-centered, fork-tongued, lying mugwump,
you graveyard of ethics, where all foul things clump,
you morally bankrupt, pompous great lump,
get out of the spotlight---go away, donald trump.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks...it's doggerel, but that seems rather appropriate given the subject... ;)

  2. Lol, perfection!!


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