July 26, 2015

grammar lessons

past, present, future
there is a grammar to life---
you need to know how to conjugate
your hopes and memories,
how (and what) to decline,
what tense to use for the tensions
amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant
cogito, ergo sum.
(the sum is sometimes greater, sometimes less,
than the parts.)

past tense:
after my daughter was born,
i asked him
more than once---
come with me, i said,
please, come with me
on this journey i cannot help but take
because it is my life.

present tense:
i sit at the window
watching cold rain
slide down the glass,
confronting all the ways in which
i've failed,
fighting the temptation
to keep doing nothing.

future tense:
i want to take these broken pieces
that were my life
shake them up and let them fall,
glittering and turning
and watch them land,
to read a pattern into random shards
and hope they make some new whole.

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