August 29, 2017

The arc

they say the arc of the universe
bends toward justice
but lately I've been thinking
the bend of that arc
on us

i've been thinking
that time isn't all
it's cracked up to be
and that the long arm of the law
too often fires blindly
(but not color-blindly)
and oh, my country,
we are failing each other
and our children

when hate stands
on public display
cheek by jowl
with the flag
and the hamstrung bare their teeth
like cornered beasts
we have only one choice
before us---
what do we stand for
(hint: it's not a flag)

the rainbow's arc
bends effortlessly across the sky
light and water combining
in a joyous shout of color
all we need do is look up
and admire

but the arc of the universe
and its bend toward justice
may need our hands
not waving a flag
but reaching out

how may we
put our hands
in love
how may we become
a monument
of love
of love
of love

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