May 1, 2018

honey trap

maybe love is a trap
that catches you
in ropes you have been
learning to tie
since you learned
to tie your shoes

they taught the boys,
"always be prepared "
and the girls,
well, they were taught
how to sell cookies

everyone seems to end up
on meds, but somehow
the boys still
make more money
and can't quite manage
the laundry
holiday cards
school conferences

and somehow
all of us can tie knots
even if they are a noose
the bow that ties
your shoes was called
a "lover's knot"
because the more you pull
the loops
the tighter the knot


  1. How have I missed such goodness!
    I choked a little at the last lines of this poem, with the truth of it. xx

    1. *blushes*

      'tis true, though. funny that it takes us so long to see it...

  2. I have followed you hear from the comment section of Sarah's blog, "knitting the Wind". Your comments there are always so thoughtful. Anyway, your website is really lovely. I am amazed by your writing. This poem, wow.


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