June 9, 2018

lost and found

dark dog barking
in the back of my mind
dark water sucking me down
when the woes of the world
come knocking
dark dog is barking there too
dark water rising
tugging at my hem
cold but familiar
darkness, darkness,
dark dog barking
calling my name
dark water closing
over my head


breaking the surface again
shedding sorrow like water
worn and wet through
but still
putting one foot
in front of the other
sinking my teeth
into all that's delicious
reaching for all that is bright
and shining and soft
skirting the pool of dark water
throwing dark dog a bone
and turning my face to the sun
your time is done
for now


  1. fabulous, so powerful!

  2. thank you. not the best poem i've ever written, doubtless, but it had to come out...


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