July 25, 2018


(for every woman
who has ever been told
that she is too much)

too much of a good thing
is just a damn good thing.
there is no part of a person
that can be too much.
woman, listen, i beg you:
you take that big belly
and love it,
take that big laugh
and laugh long and loudly,
take those big hips
and swing them as you please,
take that big voice
and use it for justice,
take those big ideas
and use them to grow wings,
take that big sorrow
and cry a river to water the world,
take that big hair
and rejoice in it,
take that big sensitivity
and let it heal someone,
take that big anger
and make change happen,
take that big song
and sing to anyone who'll listen,
take that big mind
and use it proudly,
take that big love
and love everything hard,
take that big heart
and set it free...
woman, i will stand with you
and be too much
for the way things are now too,
because this world needs
a whole lot of too much women,
and there's a chance
that if you set yourself free,
and i set myself free,
and all those other too much women
do the same,
we might all just end up free.
and that would be

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