November 7, 2018

dumkopf uber alles

chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim-chim-cheroo
you elected a fascist, let’s see what he’ll do...
chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim-chim-cheree
he’ll start taking rights---both from you and from me,
there goes our health care, without plans for more,
and the hate groups are laughing as memberships soar,
the white house a circus of buffoons and boors,
a president tweeting of nuclear war,
chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim-chim-cheree
parades feature klansmen and alt-right nazis,
children imprisoned as racists all cheer,
journalists subject to threatening jeers.
chim-chimeny, chim-chimeny, chim-chim-cheroo
his election’s a thing we will all live to rue---
well, at least those who *do* live
to see this mess through..


  1. Fabulous poem. It's a horrifying situation and kind of surreal because it's happening right now in the modern day world. Children stolen from their parents by the government, put in cages, secretly adopted to white American families!! I can't get my head around it. Then silly, small things happen like Jim Acosta being verbally abused by the president then having his pass revoked - it doesn't seem important, but it's actually huge. And yet I can imagine how people in their work cubicles all day long, driving home in the dark, trying to fit in some time for family, watching life out there via the tv, they just don't get a strong handle on how very dangerous the situation is. Their lives are ordinary ... until the day they're not.

  2. exactly so---most people seem unaware of what is really happening, or of the dangers in it. and an unfortunately large number seem more or less aware, but utterly apathetic; or worse---aware and delighted by it all. but the people who are paying attention, and are horrified, are also having a hard time getting the message out beyond the echo chambers of already concerned people on social media and other venues. it's like shouting into the wind...

    thanks for commenting. i wrote this a while ago; it popped into my head as a riff on the chimney sweep's song from "mary poppins", and i posted it on my facebook page in a moment of ire. sadly, it seems more a-propos daily, and i may have to add verses...

  3. Love this. Reading it, I feel both despair and catharsis.
    Every new beserk and horrifying thing that happens, I just think "oh, surely NOW, enough is enough!". But people felt that about Hitler and his regime, and it continued. This is how fascism gets a thorough foothold; as well as through absurd spectacle. Which your poem demonstrates so well! xx

    1. sadly, i mostly feel despair. even people i know, and who i thought were basically decent and not especially stupid, continue to support the insupportable. and apparently there are masses of them out there who are worse, even. i have had to re-evaluate completely my views on my fellow humans since 2016. and not in a positive fashion... it's actually been a sort of spiritual crisis for me. and i am relatively privileged and secure; for some people, it is more immediately threatening. sigh.


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